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Using The TIG Brush To Fabricate Stainless Steel Signs

Why Stainless Steel In Novel Industries?

Stainless steel offers refinement in corporate image. Its dazzling shine provides professionalism and a solid corporate image that other materials lack. But many firms refrain from this durable and valuable material. Stainless steel demand grows 5% annually. Its worldwide output reached 52 million tons in 2019 as people used its pleasing aesthetics and characteristics.

Because stainless steel is a premium material, it hasn't been used for service signs. Chrome and nickel were formerly costly additions to steel, contributing significantly to its high price. However, with the widespread adoption of recycling, the costs of these metals have dropped dramatically, offsetting much of the product's high price tag. Stainless steel is an excellent option for the discriminating business since it costs less than other materials and requires no maintenance (beyond an occasional wash-down) over a long time.

Modern technology makes working with this rough material simpler. Laser and high-pressure water cutting make it simpler to cut complicated designs without further edge work. Any typeface that works for you and your company may be cut using those CNC machines. Stainless steel's beautiful texture means it never needs a sophisticated, expensive treatment.

Stainless steel is a cheaper raw material, simpler to work with and produce, can be cut in several shapes and fonts, and doesn't need to be painted or plated.

Today we will discuss the undertakings of the case study on Biltrite Signs recent project for northern Colorado business signs. And would like to discuss key points that made that venture a success.

About Biltrite Signs Service Project

Neil Clark, a talented neon bender, created Biltrite Signs Service in 1962. Biltrite creates, installs, and service signs. The city of Greeley, CO, engaged Biltrite Signs to manufacture 11 stainless steel signs after receiving a state grant to boost pedestrian usage in their downtown area. These Colorado signs guided their pedestrians, highlighted the area's history, and helped tourists discover the town's historic sites.


We had many obstacles when taking on this project; using stainless steel to make signs was a new procedure for us; the signs would be on the sidewalks of the downtown area, and therefore the finish needed to be visually acceptable. We had to ensure the service signs were aesthetically appealing and matched the historic sites and the agricultural regions.

Because of its formability, strength, simple maintenance, and corrosion resistance, We selected 316 stainless steel. We looked for a simple and efficient approach to clean and passivate the welds and generate the characteristic wheat pattern at the signs' bases.


We had never used stainless steel before to make signs, so we cleaned up the welds. After exploring a few options online, we were impressed by the TIG Brush's weld cleaning and branding capabilities. We hoped the branding capability would let us construct a wheat pattern on the signs' bases.

We decided to buy a TIG Brush and Branding Kit based on the information we saw online, without seeing it in action first. After seeing TIG Brush and branding demonstration videos, we tried it on scrap stainless and discovered that it solved both issues.

The TIG Brush was able to be used in-house, eliminating the need to outsource fabrication work. It cleaned and protected the welds, and the printing fluid was the best way to make the wheat design finish on the bottom of the signs.

We could eliminate grinder markings by applying engraving fluid with the branding head. This technique reduced the grinder's bright spots, so we matched the stainless steel's original mill finish.
VP of Biltrite Sign Scott Riley said employing stainless steel was a novel procedure. With the TIG Brush, we're more confident utilizing stainless steel for signs."

Using The TIG Brush To Fabricate Stainless Steel Signs

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